Location: Icefields Parkway, side road to Toe of the Glacier trail at Icefields Centre.
Season: May to October 
Distance from Jasper town site: Approx 103 km south
The view: As the sky reaches its darkest, the river of the Milky Way shoots up from the horizon, eventually appearing to emanate from the Athabasca Glacier itself.
Aside from the main site, there are several other excellent viewing spots in the immediate area.
Sky brightness range: <0.01 (truly dark)
Suitability for dark sky observing: **** This is a nearly perfect observation site.
Ease of access: Drive-up site, about 1 km off the Icefields Parkway.
Facilities: Outhouse on site. In the Icefield centre (1km) there are washrooms, full-service restaurants until 6 pm, overnight hotel accommodation, interpretive centre, vending machines, pay-per-hour satellite Internet access.

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